LanCinator Ventures     Techniques     Arcade Projects and Commisions by Lance Mitchell


A guy on a bike doing tricks-SF Bike Messenger Event Flyer by Lance Mitchell A picture of Jen Zen hitting a joint next to a police car by Lance Mitchell A beer glass with an atom symbol for Mcmenamin's Atom Beer by Lance Mitchell 3D Guy with a Santa hat on standing with his bike with photos of the city behind him by Lance Mitchell North American Cycle Courier Championships 2007 handbook cover of a bike messenger by Lance Mitchell SF Bike Messenger drawing For NACCC 2007 Handbook by Lance Mitchell Cartoon Dog riding a freight bike with a pot of gravy-flyer by Lance Mitchell Drawing of Jen Zen on her bike used for SF Messenger Event-Flyer by Lance Mitchell Maya Letters and Sword pre render by Lance Mitchell Processed World Cover with a woman serving a man's head on a platter by Norman Dog Drawing of a Bike Messenger doing a wheelie over the city with a gas mask on for an article in a magazine by Lance Mitchell Drawing of a Female Bike Messenger riding her bike through a destroyed city used in Article about Bike Messengers by Lance Mitchell Picture of a Bike Messenger pushing his bike up a steep hill with his packages about to fall off of his bike used in Article of Magazine An image of a statue of a punk rock style Buddha in a city park-Fler by Lance Mitchell Original Sketch for the Punk Rock Buddha Flyer that includes the skull by Lance Mitchell A picture of a girl on a bike alternate cover concept design for NACCC 2007 handbook by Lance Mitchell Logo style image of a Messenger Face with lighting bolts used for a patch for the San Francisco Bike Messenger Association by Lance Mitchell A bandana design using bike parts for the pattern made for the San Francisco Bike Messenger Association by Lance Mitchell A Messenger Girl with the SFBMA Patch on her Messenger Bag wearing the SFBMA Bandana by Lance Mitchell A picture of the Reaper on a bike doing a wheelie swinging an axe over some frightened pumpkins by Lance Mitchell A Christmas Bike Messenger with his bike-Flyer for Xmas Event by Lance Mitchell An Elf Girl with a Sword-Art made from a Flyer by Lance Mitchell An image of LanCinator letters and Sword using Maya Toon Rendering by Lance Mitchell A drawing of a girl firing syringes out of a rifle-SF Messenger Band Flyer by Lance Mitchell Portraits of Jimmy Carter, Ronald Regan and John Anderson during the 1980 Presidential Election-published in my High School yearbook

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